Deliverable 5.1 State of the art inventory

Consumers play an essential role in the circular plastics transition. When it comes to recycling, they purchase and accept products made from recycled plastics, use them circularly, and separate from them at the end-of-use in a responsible manner to close the loop.

This part of the INCREACE project aims (A) to drive the consumer acceptance of products made from recycled plastic and (B) to enhance the collection of end-of-use products to enable circular processing including recycling. This report examines consumer acceptance of recycled plastics in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and explores the emerging concept of “Design for Divestment”. 

The first study identifies the factors influencing consumer acceptance of recycled plastics in EEE. It highlights the main barriers and factors affecting consumer acceptance of recycled plastics in EEE, and the strategy adopted by EEE brand owners. 

The second study explores the present situation of Design for Divestment in theory and practice and identifies knowledge gaps. The state-of-the-art of Design for Divestment knowledge is defined and interesting future research opportunities in theory and practice are identified.